Out and About: Niki and the Dove
    • FRIDAY, JUNE 15, 2012

    • Posted by: Andrew Gruttadaro

    Last night, Swedish electro-poppers Niki and the Dove headlined a show at Glasslands Gallery as part of the kickoff for Brooklyn's Northside Festival, which is going on through June 21st. Underneath the papier-mache clouds of Glasslands, lead singer Malin Dahlstrom came out on stage equipped with neon pom-poms, decked out in tUnE-yArDs-esque makeup, and a matching eagle feather earring and bracelet.

    But Dahlstrom proved that with enough charisma and enthusiasm you can wear anything and seem cool. Niki and the Dove quickly got the crowd on their side, breezing through tracks from their recently released Instinct. It was encouraging to see that the band's anthemic vibe translated to the live stage (which is probably due to the band enlisting a second drummer for the show), and Dahlstrom's vocals were as strong as ever. Not to mention her dance moves.

    Amidst some weird moments -- the band donning tiger masks during "Last Night," Dahlstrom holding her palm to her face and saying, "This means queen in dance language," and then never making the gesture again among a few things -- Nike and the Dove were extremely endearing. They even got a Brooklyn crowd to dance along, which is no small feat. After closing with "Tomorrow," most of the sold-out crowd refused to leave, waiting for an encore. After a few minutes the band came out and co-founder Gustaf Karlof plainly stated, "We don't have any more songs." That humorous honesty was a fitting end to a show in which Niki & the Dove made Glasslands feel like a house party.

    Check out the band's video for "Tomorrow" below to actually get a pretty good idea of what the live show felt like.

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