The War On Drugs Release Nostalgic Video For 'Holding On'
    • WEDNESDAY, JUNE 14, 2017

    • Posted by: Victoria Fernandes

    For many people, music and memories go hand in hand. Certain songs can bring a wave of emotions over you like a tidal wave, covering you in nostalgia. The War On Drugs have had this effect on their fans and casual listeners alike since their debut 2008 album Wagonwheel Blues. Fast forward almost a decade later and The War On Drugs have completely embraced this effect, releasing an emotional and narrative music video for their latest single, "Holding On," off their upcoming album A Deeper Understanding, set to be released in August.

    With its simple cinematography and story-driven visuals, The War On Drugs create the perfect marriage between image and music. We're given a protagonist who is in the dumps, with only a photo by his bed to symbolize the life he's lived. After stunning white horses appear at his window, he's inspired to finally leave the house, embarking on a journey of genuine smiles, polaroid photos, and a very special gazebo.

    While the song is nostalgic with lyrics like, "When we talk about the past, what are we talking of? Did I let go too fast?" the video illustrated the wistfulness in a way that's surely to pull at your heartstrings. Almost like watching a short film, we follow an everyday man as he learns the importance of spontaneity. Also, there's a super cute Golden Retriever in the video, so that's a plus. Simply put, The War On Drugs teaches us that sometimes it's okay to talk to strangers; they may lead you back to a time and place you've always dreamed of revisiting.

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