Queens of the Stone Age Announce 'The Best Album Ever'
    • WEDNESDAY, JUNE 14, 2017

    • Posted by: Jake Holzman

    Queens of the Stone Age have announced a new album, entitled Villains, which will be "honestly, the best album ever."

    Or, at least, that's how the band themselves referred to the album in their announcement video, in which Josh Homme is forced to take a polygraph test (and, of course, answers everything untruthfully). Several things are revealed about the album as Homme is hilariously caught in lie after lie. For one thing, the album will be produced by Mark Ronson, who famously produced for Adele, Amy Winehouse, Paul McCartney, and many others. Villains will be their first release since 2013's highly acclaimed Like Clockwork, and today's reveal follows some cryptic hints that the band has been dropping over the past few months (so that's what that damn TV teaser was about!).

    Fans have been waiting patiently for new music from QOTSA, and have had to hold themselves over in the meanwhile with other projects that have been taking up the band members' time. Homme, for example, recently scored the German drama film In the Fade, and famously collaborated with Iggy Pop on last year's Post Pop Depression.

    In the video, you can also hear a brief snippet of the band's new single, "Feet Don't Fail Me," which sounds like it came right off of Like Clockwork… that is, if we can glean anything from the ten seconds of the song played.

    And, if that's the case, we could really be in for the best album ever (it is, after all, the only truthful claim that Homme makes in the video).

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