Watch and Listen to Lady Gaga's Moving Speech During a Vigil for Orlando
    • TUESDAY, JUNE 14, 2016

    • Posted by: Susmita Paruchuri

    Last night, Lady Gaga stood in solidarity with thousands of mourners to read the names of the victims of the Orlando shooting.

    The singer, actor, and activist, who's been regarded throughout her career as an LGBTQ+ advocate, especially since she came out as bisexual in 2013, had a hard time getting through her speech.

    This is an attack on humanity itself. This is an attack on everyone, she said, before beginning to read out the names. She stood in front of the Los Angeles City Hall, the building lit with rainbow lights to commemorate the victims.

    "Let's all today, pledge an allegiance of love to them, and to their families, who are suffering so deeply, Gaga said. They are sons and daughters, they're fathers and mothers. They are all our brothers and our sisters. But tonight, I will not allow my anger and my outrage over this attack to overshadow our need to honor those who are grieving truly for their lost ones, lost members of the LGBT community.

    Lady Gaga Orlando

    The tragedy occurred on Sunday, June 12, in the early morning at a gay nightclub, Pulse, in downtown Orlando. 49 lives were taken by a gunman who opened fire and took several hostages before police shot him.

    Gaga stood in front of mourners holding up signs to spell out "ORLANDO" as she fought back tears. "I hope you know that myself and so many are your allies. Not only me, but everyone here, we represent the compassion and the loyalty of millions of people that believe in you. You are not alone," she said.

    Speakers from the Los Angeles LGBT Center, Bienestar Human Services, the Los Angeles Transgender Advisory Council and the Latino Equality Alliance also joined her, according to Billboard, and the Gay Men's Chorus of Los Angeles performed "True Colors" in honor of the victims.

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