Disclosure Settle
    • FRIDAY, JUNE 14, 2013

    • Posted by: Gabrielle Sherman

    It's no secret that dance music has blown up exponentially in the last few years. Since the formerly underground venture turned into a full blown frenzied scene, more and more DJs have begun to capitalize on the "type" of EDM that fueled the expansion of the movement in recent years. This, unfortunately, breeds both a lack of creativity and diversity within the world of dance music, and to true fans, it appears as though the genre has been reduced to little more than a buildup, a drop and the metaphorical twiddling of thumbs between these drops. Disclosure's Settle, however, secures the future of house music.

    Brothers Guy and Howard Lawrence have no intention of continuing this trend. What separates Disclosure from many artists within the same blanket genre, is their willingness to experiment - with new music, new production techniques, and ideas. Their unique sound builds upon various genres, combining elements of disco, garage house, drum and bass, and plenty of experimentation.

    The hyper talented British brothers are signed to Moshi Moshi Records, who also represent the likes of Casiokids, Breakbot, Hot Chip, Friendly Fires, Late of the Pier, and other greats. Their sound, which takes influence from sources that range from Chicago house, electro funk and post disco, appears to have achieved a perfect balance, seamlessly weaving together various unexpected elements, and in doing so, create a sound that is somehow nostalgic and highly unique at once.

    Each track on the album could stand on its own accord; from heavier, garage inspired tracks like "Grab Her," "When A Fire Starts To Burn," "F For You," to dreamier, whispery female vocalist laden trance-inspired tracks such as "Defeated No More," "White Noise" "You & Me" and "Boiling," and songs like "Second Chance" and "Latch," that feature a sound that can only be attributed to the artists themselves.

    The two brothers have managed to stay true to their music in the presence of increased attention, and have secured a signature sound, as well as an artistic identity - a balance that few have achieved in such a short time. Settle has done an incredible job of showcasing the Lawrence brothers' talents, as well as breathing life into the wilting world of house music.

    Watch Disclosure perform songs off Settle in their concert at Hype Hotel.

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