Out And About: Reptar
    • THURSDAY, JUNE 14, 2012

    • Posted by: Kara Parker

    With a name that insights flashbacks of your favorite childhood cartoon, Reptar brought a high energy show to Webster Hall on a rainy Tuesday afternoon. Their group dynamic was not too unlike the Rugrat gang themselves. What made the show so entertaining was the variety of performance styles the quintet offered. It seemed only right that they would each have their own color spotlight as if to highlight their diversity. A steady drummer, cool a calm, delivered a bass-heavy beat while a do-op, raggedy haired, bassist played along bopping to the electronic tracks. Their distinctive techno sound came from keyboardist, William Kennedy, who's long hair and bell bottoms would make even the coldest of 70's rock gods dance in approval. His energy soared through the crowd even from behind his dual keyboard set-up. The most entertaining of the night went to the guitarist who's punk-rock energy propelled every song to 'epic' status. For a band with such an electronic sound, they brought an impressively precise heavy rock performance to New York that has forever made me a fan of Reptar.

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