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    • MONDAY, JUNE 14, 2010

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    [Image above via AP]

    The US got super lucky in a fancy-pants world football match, but we won't bore you with the official US World Cup song or the equally as horrific Shakira World Cup song. It's better to be her than Kid Cudi, or the guy from the New York Times who thinks Bonnaroo lost momentum for a second there. Oh yeah, Bonnaroo! More on that this week. I heard rumors that our intrepid reporter in the field had some foot trouble...

    1. Kid Cudi was arrested in NYC on drugs charges. He also managed to rip off some woman's car door. Of course he did. [via The Daily Swarm]

    2. Ben Sisario of the NYT has been creating a mini-buzz about his Bonnaroo experience. Were you there? Are you still there? Did it really lose energy? Read his piece, and then go live-stream a bunch of concerts (if you missed it). Now let's hope our own correspondent recovered from a swollen foot (learned via the tweetz).

    3. The Vuvuzela happened. It is why the World Cup sounds like a bee-hive all the time. Oh.

    UPDATE: Now with instructions!

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