the mia album leaked
    • MONDAY, JUNE 14, 2010

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    Ugh, the only reason I bothered to type out the obnoxious title of MIA's new record is that it's all over the internet today [actually I had to change the title of the post because it's so stupid]. Since I have little-to-no intention of paying for it (to listen to it, anyway), I thought you should know if you still want to have it. Personally, I plan on taking a trip to my local record store, buying every copy, selling tickets to watch me ceremoniously burn them along with some truffle fries, and donating the money to a real humanitarian charity.

    You want more? I may or may not have listened to said album and decided it sounds less like music/activism and more like a room full of attention-seeking a-holes playing with a Casio keyboard, trash cans, and a microphone (hold the tact). You could say it's pretty ughmazing, and even that gem of a pun won't make your sides hurts like this garbage. -joe puglisi

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