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    • MONDAY, JUNE 14, 2010

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    [Pictures from the show will be up ASAP.]

    Sierra and Bianca Casady took the stage at Terminal 5 with complete authority. Those who still have a vision of CocoRosie as a sloppy group of crossdressing misfits banging on pots and pans have no idea what the band is up to now. With the help of stellar, sensitive keyboard playing from Gael Rakotondrabe and the phenominal human beatbox, TEZ, the sisters have become an amazing, unique live act.

    CocoRosie drew heavily from their excellent new album Grey Oceans, including elegant versions of the sepia-toned "Lemonade," and the spooky "The Moon Asked the Crow." They found time for a sisterly game of pattycake before "Hopscotch" and held the crowd transfixed with their tragic tale of abuse in "Werewolf," off of 2007's The Adventures of Ghosthorse and Stillborn. The stage was strewn with balloons for birthday girl, Sierra, who beamed at the crowd and let her strong operatic voice soar. Bianca's hip-hop stylings, which occasionally sound forced on record, are more assertive and playful live and provide contrast to the dark, hypnotic material. Images of crosses, desert scenes and clown faces played on a loop behind them. Though the Casady girls never once spoke to the crowd except to say the occasional thank you, their fans hung on their every word and gesture, through the hour and a half set. -dan siegler

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