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    • THURSDAY, JUNE 14, 2007

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    Your weekly Baeble update highlights some of the top videos on the "Baeble's Picks" section, featuring The Lemonheads, Emily Haines and the Soft Skeleton, Annuals, Mando Diao, and Young Love. These live concerts have been getting a lot of love and attention from fans all around the globe. If you aren't familiar with any of these artists, now is your chance to check them out!

    Lemonheads - Feb 23, 2007 @ SouthPaw Brooklyn, NY

    Evan Dando is a genius. Dude can take the stage wea ring what appears to be an oversized monk's robe, and the girls in the crowd still go nuts over him. At the same time, Dando's simple attire makes a bold statement.. [read more]

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    Emily Haines and the Soft Skeleton - Jan 09, 2007 @ Hiro Ballroom, NY

    Emily Haines was born in India and raised in Canada, and her e clectic background has influenced the singer's many musical projects. Haines is mostly known for fronting the Canadian indie-rock band Metric... [read more]

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    Annuals - Jan 19, 2007 @ Webster Hall, NY

    We caught the band at Webster Hall, mere hours after Annuals' late-night TV debut on the Conan O'Brien show. The six fresh-faced musicians took the stage looking energetic, confident, and genuinely thankful for all... [read more]

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    Mando Diao - May 14, 2007 @ Bowery Ballroom, NY

    Filmed at New York City's Bowery Ballroom, this performance shows what years spent living in "Ochrasy" have done for Mando Diao. Marrying a tightly knit sound with sinister slanted lyrics, epic song writing, and... [read more]

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    Young Love - Feb 28, 2007 @ Bowery Ballroom, NY

    Dance-rock outfit Young Love is headed by Dan Keyes, who front ed the post-grunge band Recover from 2001-2004. After releasing three albums with that previous band, Keyes moved from Texas to New York City... [read more]

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    A brand new Green Room episode is ready to watch, featuring Sweden 's screaming heartthrobs, Mando Diao. Check out the 30-minute show for the backstage interviews with Baeble's Allison Hagendorf, the sound check mechanics, the onstage performance, and everything in between. In addition, Allison got the chance to sit down and chat with Perry Farrell in Baeble's "Artist Lounge", so be sure to check that out below.

    **NEW EPISODE** The Green Room w/ Mando Diao! - Honing in on a sound that unites pop, mod, soul, R&B, and Brit-pop elements, Sweden 's Mando Diao brought a slice of European cool stateside for one of this past spring's most exciting tours. For our fourth installment of the Green Room, Baeble's cameras went back stage, onstage, and out in the crowd to catch every glimpse of the band's performance at The Bowery Ballroom. [check it out here]

    The Artist Lounge - Parry Farrell & Satellite Party - With this obligation squarely on his mind, Farrell set out 3 and a half years ago to work on building a myth from a "playful idea" spawned on a surfboard in the Pacific. Recruiting Nuno Bettencourt of Extreme, and a handful of other influential helping hands (Flea, Thievery Corporation, Hybrid, Fergie, to name a few), Farrell's "Satellite Party" represents the latest chapter in Farrell's ever-growing legacy. [check it out here]

    Baeble Lounge - Tons of random music videos of up and coming artists from Trans Am, Bobby Con, Faber Drive, Mouse On Mars, The Zincs and many more! [check it out here]

    On Thursday, June 21st, JellyNYC and Hoegaarden beer to present the Williamsburg MAKE MUSIC NEW YORK stage! A FREE outdoor concert on Bedford and N8th from 6pm-10pm, featuring Live Performances by OXFORD COLLAPSE + CHEESEBURGER + BEST FWENDS.

    MAKE MUSIC NEW YORK - Thurs, June 21, 2007

    JellyNYC and Hoegaarden beer Present: The Williamsburg MAKE MUSIC NEW YORK stage [more details here]

    A FREE outdoor concert on Bedford and N8th from 6-10pm
    Featuring Live Performances by:

    Album Reviews: Elliot Smith "New Moon" - Whenever the music of Elliott Smith finds its' way to me, I'll admit it can be hard not to feel a bit overwhelmed. Elliott's compassionate composite of chords and voice provided one of the first places I can remember finding beauty, doubt, fear, hope, love, power, and sadness all intersecting at once. It was powerfully emotional...the perfect... [read more]

    Feature Article: Rock 'n Roll Banned – You Say Party! We Say Die! Border Patrol Says Bye! - 6/4/2007 - Talk about crappy timing. Just as British Columbia 's You Say Party! We Say Die! were building momentum in the states on tour with the fellow exclamationally-enhanced Thunderbirds Are Now!, their quest for U.S. domination hit a bit of a snag a the border resulting in a 5-year ban from the country...[read more]

    Finally, last evening we filmed The Rosewood Thieves at Pianos and then on this Friday, we'll be filming Voxtrot with Au Revoir Simone at Webster Hall. If you plan on going to any of these shows, maybe our film crew will get your face on camera so you can be a part of music history forever!!

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