Warpaint's Chemistry is Evident in Exclusive Interview
    • TUESDAY, JUNE 13, 2017

    • Posted by: Kirsten Spruch

    With their effortless aplomb on stage, you could say that the ladies of Warpaint are some of the coolest people you will ever meet (and yes, that Mean Girls quote was necessary). And with their latest release, 2016's Heads Up, they have the music to match. The coolness of the album sets the tone for the entire show; the airy harmonies led by Emily Kokal and blissed-out guitars which worked together to support the tropical groove on the record's opening track "Whiteout" was a clear highlight that had the crowd grooving. Shortly after the set we had a brief meet-up with Kokal and bassist Jenny Lee Lindberg, and if anyone has ever wondered about a band's energy levels after playing a show, their silly behavior was a clear indication. As they talked, they hugged each other, picked each other up, and danced to Mac Demarco's live set in the distance. Perhaps a little post-gig silliness is routine for the free spirited group. "We're in second grade right now," Lindberg called out right before literally getting carried away by Kokal.

    "We saw each other, it was an instant connection. ‘Hi! How are you! What's your name! I like you.' It was really dorky, cute, innocent, sweet," Lindberg said, recalling the moment they first met. Seems like a fitting first impression, given that they act like they were born together.

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