PWR BTTM Begins Rebound
    • TUESDAY, JUNE 13, 2017

    • Posted by: Peter Hammel

    PWR BTTM's debut album has returned to streaming services, and a new management company has picked up the band. Last month, an anonymous woman alleged that Ben Hopkins of PWR BTTM sexually assaulted her. Their records were stripped from streaming services, and their tour was cancelled as a result. Their manager, Lisa Barbaris, said that "I've never seen a label respond in such an irresponsible way in the 30-plus years I've been in the music business" in regards to the band's previous label, Polyvinyl.

    The initial reaction from fans of the band was shocking as both members and allies of the LGBTQ community held the band in contempt. The critically acclaimed, superstar rapper Kendrick Lamar once said, "When shit hit the fan, is you still a fan?" But apparently the 2015 lyric from many persons' "album of the year" was ephemeral, almost too ironical in regards to the song's purpose to immortalize Kendrick through his lyrics. Of course, we don't know what happened. No one knows.

    At any rate, what happens from here is up in the air. We will see if any legal action ensues between Ben Hopkins and the alleged victim. My foresight says that PWR BTTM's sophomore album Pageant will be available to stream in the coming months along with a physical copy. Touring could perhaps be dangerous, but I expect Ben Hopkins and Liv Bruce to stand up for themselves in the same manner they have for the LGBTQ community.

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