Willy Moon Discharges Devilish Charm Through Modern Rockabilly
    • THURSDAY, JUNE 13, 2013

    • Posted by: Matt Howard

    According to Willy Moon's debut album Here's Willy Moon there's something of a modern rockabilly resurgence manifesting itself down in the faraway lands of New Zealand. And according to Moon's performance at The Launch Pad at SXSW this past March, that "modernity" stems from this lone wolf's glamourous style and infectious energy. Looking at the handsome 24-year-old, who's rarely spotted outside of a finely fitted suit, you'd imagine his fondness of refined sounds, but when the primmed and proper chap hits the stage, the stiff guise is let loose like a tightly wound spring. Backed by a band of two stone-faced beauties, Moon commanded our stage and unleashed his devilish charm and vigor that few acts could come close to matching.

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