New Music Video: School of Seven Bells
    • WEDNESDAY, JUNE 13, 2012

    • Posted by: David Pitz

    School of Seven Bells recently teamed up with creative website to have filmmakers from around the world submit videos for the song, "The Night." The band has chosen the winning video, saying, "This video really stood out for us in a big way. While there were so many amazing submissions, this one really did what music videos do best. It found a particular nuance in the song, and expanded upon it in a way that only the visual medium can. In a sense, being left behind makes children out of all of us. The conflict of the loneliness that suddenly comes over us in that situation, combined with the ecstasy of finally feeling free, is a really tough thing to capture, and we were so happy to see it brought to life in such a beautiful way. The casting is unbelievable! Not only is the resemblance incredible, the emotion in this girl's face is beyond her years, and her performance nearly had us both in tears the first time we watched it together. I'm not sure I'll hear "The Night" again without imagining this girl either dancing her heart out, tormented and trapped in a corner, or casting a dark spell over whoever left her there alone. It's exactly what this song is meant to look like."

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