MP3: Opossom, 'Blue Meanies'
    • WEDNESDAY, JUNE 13, 2012

    • Posted by: Amanda Scherker

    Listen up to the best new sounds to emerge from the rolling hills of New Zealand -- the three piece Kiwi band Opossom has surfed its way across the Pacific, and brought along the tell-tale sounds of summer. This here single, "Blue Meanies," is off their debut album, Electric Hawaii. Predictably, the song conjures visions of pulsating strobe lights over a tropical sunset. Unpredictably, the song is a brave tightrope balancing act that never seems to miss a step. Opossom seamlessly layers the lazy, dreamy sighs of a '60s flower child with perhaps the most relentlessly determined, motivated drumming ever to grace this side of psychedelia.

    This song isn't a nap on the beach and it's not angry thrashing in a garage. Instead, "Blue Meanies" lies somewhere perfectly in the middle, call it a spontaneous dance party after too many pina-coladas. The song will mesmerize you with its textural complexity, hypnotize you with the oohs and ahhs of endless summers, and, perhaps above all, agonize you with the question: who exactly are these incorrigible blue meanies? Your guess is as good as mine. (And, for the record, I'm voting smurfs.)

    "Blue Meanies":

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