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    While by no means an intentional, ploy to confuse devotees the world over, Broken Social Scene’s newest idea to slap “Broken Social Scene Presents” across anyone of its’ who-knows-how-many member’s solo releases in the future could have the masses doing a quick double take every time the name crops up in front of them. Why, just this week, following an announcement that Feist and BSS would be swinging through NYC together for a summer outing at McCarren Park Pool (August 29th), I got quite jazzed up for the show.

    Thing is, its’ not Broken Social Scene…It’s Kevin Drew of Broken Social Scene. He just happens to be playing material he prepped for his upcoming solo album, Spirit Of... And his solo album just happens to be the first in a “Broken Social Scene Presents” series. It also just happens to be coming out on September 18th, courtesy of Arts & Crafts Records.

    A&C also just happen to add…

    Kevin Drew's Spirit If... was recorded over the last two years at Ohad Benchetrits house in between social scene tours and day-to-day life. It was produced by Ohad Benchetrit, Kevin Drew, and Charles Spearin.

    This is the first in the “Broken Social Scene Presents” series. Brendan Canning and company are currently recording the second in Toronto. It will be released early next year. Drew and Canning, the two co-founders of Broken Social Scene decided to approach making records as solo projects. In the process the social scene community took part and played key supporting roles, thus giving birth to this series.

    Along with the BSS crew, Drew has invited many other guests to perform on Spirit If...

    The record unfolds like an emotional comic book. It's Drew's song-writing and all his favorite topics are addressed: fucking, fighting, fearing and hope.”

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