BAEBLE FIRST PLAY: 'Fall Off The Moon' by The Technicolors + A Special Message
    • MONDAY, JUNE 12, 2017

    • Posted by: Kirsten Spruch

    The Technicolors starts with frontman and main songwriter, Brennan Smiley. Originating from Phoenix, the group makes bouncy rock with a satisfyingly edgy and sensual attitude. However, the first thing I listened to from them was the acoustic version of "Fall Off The Moon," which we're premiering here today, so it's safe to say this smooth, Strokes-esque feel came as a very big - and very pleasant - surprise.

    The acoustic version of "Fall Off The Moon" is just as good as their full band set up, but extra airy and nostalgic. The live video that comes along with it is gorgeous as well. Taking place in a deserted (presumably chilly field given Smiley's heavy jacket), he performs with nothing but an acoustic guitar and his falsetto, owning up to more of a Passenger vibe.

    The song is off of the band's upcoming album out July 7th, Metaphysical, and in addition to the video, we also have an exclusive message from Brennan Smiley himself, which you can read below.

    We finished making a record that is very near & dear to our hearts called "Metaphysical." It's a collection of songs ultimately written about the void that exists between home and the places I want to go. The relationships, mistakes, trials, and accomplishments along the way. What I'm doing and what I could be doing. The square shape that is a home, next to an arrow pointed towards the circle that is the rest of the world, and that undefined, beautiful space that exists between those two bordered shapes. It's a place where I have found myself existing for the last five years, and counting. Undefined 'till you try to define it; A white canvas 'till you throw some paint on it, even if you miss the first time around. I just want to make music the same way I made it when I first accidentally made two notes on the guitar sound nice together - for me, and for no one else. Not any person, fan, or even friend. Because if it doesn't move me, push me, challenge me, free ME, then how can it be honest? How can it BE me?

    I'm writing all this to not only let you know the place these songs are coming from, but to try & explain how much it means that you would follow & support a band of desert rats on the hunt for that magic that first excited us, and how truly inspiring and life-affirming it is to see one person connect with songs that are nothing more than hand-crafted footprints of that ever-evolving quest; The never-ending dreamer's dream.

    With all this dancing around my mind, I've decided to take my thoughts, my feelings, my words, my story on the road one last time before I join the rest of the boys & we jump the page to the next chapter of what we've called "Metaphysical." So I'll be embarking on my first ever house show tour - I'll be jumpin in the van with only my guitar and a basket of tunes - some old, some new - and hitting the road to wherever you take me.

    From June 1 - June 27th, I will be traveling across the US & Canada playing acoustic shows and telling stories in as many living rooms as possible, as well as having small, intimate listening parties for our new record that comes out July 7th. I've always loved traveling, and now I get to do it in a way that lets the people that have supported this band the most determine where I go, how far away from home I'm able to venture. "

    I am writing to you now from Los Angeles, about ten shows into the journey, and not even half way through. Upon announcing this idea, I had no idea how many people would respond (if any), and since then I've been completely blown away. We really put this idea in the hands of our fans and let 'em run with it, and it's been wild to see how far they've gone to make this happen, all of the new friends I've made along the way, and the amazing moments we've created together. I had no idea what we were getting ourselves into, or the potential of an idea like this, and I'm starting to get the sense that we are merely scratching this surface and this is only the beginning.

    I'm beyond grateful, and more excited than ever to see where this thing takes me. -B

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