The Staves Tap Into Their Theatricality on 'Teeth White'
    • FRIDAY, JUNE 12, 2015

    • Posted by: Aviva Bogart

    There is a sense of theatricality when watching the music video for "Teeth White;" the backdrop is a meaningful part of the performance. "I want to know when I can start taking it slow." Don't we all. This trio is unstoppable, their voices fuse like three angels into one other-worldly sound. Their harmony has been taken from paradise and lands briefly into our ears for a moment of transcendence. This song is about loneliness. It wouldn't feel right if the performers in the music video: a tired waitress, a man glued to his iPhone, and two women holding hands in support, weren't part of the message. The Staves are here and they can't solve all of your problems but they can solve one: you are not alone. Believe me, just knowing this is some way solves it all.

    So much of art, of music, of dance, is here to capture life in an abstract-enough way so that you understand life isn't the same experience for us all but the truth is, our journeys are more similar than we imagine, our feelings of the same color in different shades and hues. The Staves are true artists, lending their voices and souls to this sentiment, and the feeling shows.

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