Howling With Neil Young Under the 'Wolf Moon'
    • FRIDAY, JUNE 12, 2015

    • Posted by: Aviva Bogart

    From the very first harmonica note and guitar thrum in "Wolf Moon," this band delivers what they promise. Sometimes we listen to music for an escape. Listening to Neil Young and The Promise of the Real gives you something else. "Wolf Moon" is grounding and serene. There is a comfort in listening, like you are settling in next to a fireplace on a cold winter night with a cup of tea. Then you look up from the fireplace, and to your left you see a still black glassy lake and above it a full white moon, glorious and wise. You understand it, the lake, the moon, you understand it all. Neil Young is the best man to say to the moon, "your heart just keeps on beating/inside the beauty of this place." Connecting to nature is timeless in a way that most things strive to be. The moon is always there, wherever you are in this curious universe. The gift that Neil Young and Promise Of The Real bestows to its listeners with "Wolf Moon" is ethereal, forgiving, and timeless. There's a conversation between man and god that is captured.

    When you're singing about a spiritual conversation, sometimes it is important to let the singing speak for itself. This music video is the perfect backdrop for such a song, with a raw-footage feel influenced only by a celestial backstage and tender close-ups of Neil and the Promise of the Real.

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