Banksy Shares Mini Documentary, 'Better Out Than In'
    • THURSDAY, JUNE 12, 2014

    • Posted by: Peter Dolan

    A short-form, three minute documentary on politico-street artist Banksy has popped on his (kind of) official Youtube page. The documentary, titled Better Out Than In, covers the installment series of the same name that the artist staged in multiple locations around New York throughout the month of October. The series attracted particular attention when it came to light that Banksy had set up a stall in Central Park where he'd been anonymously selling authentic, signed pieces for as little as $60.

    According to the video, Banksy's goal was to "produce a new piece of artwork every day" — the results ranged from a truck full of squealing animatronic livestock (a criticism of the meat industry) to a performance art piece that featured an actor polishing the elephantoid foot of a giant, grimacing Ronald McDonald statue.

    One of the series' final installments was a graffiti piece reading "This site contains blocked images," a reference to an unpublished column the artist submitted to the New York Times that condemned the building of One World Trade Center as "so clearly [proclaiming that] the terrorists won."

    Watch the documentary below.

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