Ben Howard vs. VEVO
    • TUESDAY, JUNE 12, 2012

    • Posted by: Zoe Marquedant

    Whenever I "like" band on Facebook or follow them on Twitter, it's mostly for album updates and the occasional tour photo. I never expect to hear from the artist, no matter how in touch with his or her fans someone claims to be. However some musicians prove to be better than others on this front. Once in a while a group will come along that really want to keep the communication open. Sometimes this is a welcome addition to our Tumblr feeds, sometimes we just didn't need to know. Take Kanye West's infamous twitter account. It isn't the day-in-a-life account that some of us were hoping for. Instead, it's a string of nonsensical thoughts and over-shares, which as much as it is entertaining isn't what we had in mind.

    Today we got a different flavor of commentary from Ben Howard. Since his release of Every Kingdom in 2011 the English singer-songwriter has been touring the world and staying out of the tabloids. No drug addictions, no award show mishaps, no grudges against other artists -- nothing. Just folk-sy songs and the occasional music video. That all changed when Howard tore into Vevo via his Facebook. Howard wrote:

    I would like to take this little moment of calm to officially apologise for all our music vids getting put on Vevo. Thanks for sitting through all the adverts and the massive screen prints of Nicki Minaj on that pile of shit website and for your thousands of comments on that site that no one seems to do anything about. Big love from Devon, we've all got jetlag from an amazing little trip out in the States and are amped for a summer of festivals! Get the cider oooot! peace and love, peas and dub. Ben x

    Vevo is a music video website that most people know as the company responsible for all the obnoxious backdrops and commercials on YouTube. Recently there has been a shift from YouTube to Vevo, resulting in official channels being stripped of their content and relocated. Up until this point complaints against Vevo have been restricted to the comment sections of YouTube. Even then most of the posts centered around censoring policies and poor choice in advertising. No artist had ever publicly stood up against the change until this morning.

    Ben Howard's message implies several things. One, that he had little choice in the move. Two, that he isn't thrilled with the environment his videos are now in. He is clearly unhappy with his music being on Vevo and yet his channel still stands. And Howard has got a point; Vevo only really brings poor load time and terrifying backgrounds to the table. It's hard to listen to "Only Love" when Selena Gomez is staring at you.

    I'm not surprised Vevo isnt paying attention to the complaints written by listeners, but are they also not listening to the artists? In that case maybe calling Vevo out on Facebook was the only way he was going to be heard.

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