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    • FRIDAY, JUNE 12, 2009

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    Happy Friday everyone! What's the best thing to do on a rainy day when going outside is the last thing you want to do? If you're anything like us here at Baeble, you know that the answer is kicking back, getting comfy and putting on some of your favorite music. Some people like to stick to sad, rainy day music to go along with the weather, while others like to try and liven the mood with something a little more upbeat. On the latest edition of our T.G.I.Mixtape series we give you a little bit of both. So kick back, relax and enjoy your weekend.-Greg Lozoff

    1. Chris Garneau - "No More Pirates"

    Leading us off this week we have "No More Pirates" off of Chris Garneau's brand new album, El Radio, due out next month. This has been by far one of our favorite songs of the early summer. On El Radio we see that not only has Garneau matured as a songwriter but there seems to be more of a jump in his step on this one. And this is merely one of the many excellent tracks on the Brooklynite's new record. Highly recommended

    2. Dan Deacon - "Snookered"

    This one is off of New York electronica superstar Dan Deacon's latest release, Bromst. The album has been out since March, and is still going strong as one of our favorite releases of the new year. There is quite a different feeling on this one than on Deacon's previous works, but it is definitely a welcome change.

    3. Friendly Fires - "Skeleton Boy"

    Have you heard of that awesome little electronica band Friendly Fires? Well now you have. "Skeleton Boy" is the dancy new single from the band's debut self-titled album, in stores now.

    4. Devendra Banhart - "(Get Off Your) High Horse Lady"

    So what has Devendra Banhart been up to lately? The answer is not quite as strange as you may have thought. I know it may be hard to believe but yes it is true, Devendra Banhart has covered Oasis. And this isn't even the first time. A few years ago Banhart covered Oasis' "Don't Look Back In Anger" and now he is back again with a cover of "(Get Off Your) High Horse Lady". What's next? Joanna Newsom covering Blur?

    5. Antlers - "Two"

    On the inaugural version of our T.G.I.Mixtape series we featured the song "Bear" from Antlers debut full length album, Hospice. Now, 17 weeks later, we have another track from an album that seems to only get better with age. "Two" is the latest single from Hospice, and if you weren't a fan after our first mixtape, maybe you will be now.

    6. Lullatone - "A Mobile Over Your Bed"

    Lullatone has been described as "the coolest lullaby music ever recorded". While this is an accurate statement, describing the bands tendency to make songs that sound more or less like lullabies, there is more to them then that. Never has music that a baby could enjoy be so listenable for adults. Raffi was great and all, but this is just so much better.

    7. Hayden - "Let It Last" (Feat. Holly Throsby)

    Canadian folk singer/songwriter Hayden is back with a brand new album of laid-back acoustic jams. The album is called The Places Where We Lived and it is in stores now. "Let It Last" is the final song on the album, and what makes this one special is that joining Hayden on this one is another very talented singer songwriter from Australia named Holly Throsby. A truly lovely song.

    8. The Sounds - "No One Sleeps When I'm Awake"

    The Sounds have finally returned! It's been three long years since the release of their incredible last album, Dying To Say This To You and we couldn't be happier to have some new music from them. And if "No One Sleeps When I'm Awake", the band's first single from the new album, is any indication, they definitely haven't lost their touch.

    9. Perhapst - "Incense Cone"

    What does John Moen (former drummer for Elliott Smith and Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks and current drummer for The Decemberists) do in his spare time when not participating in the Decemberists' entertaining live show? He calls himself Perhapst and records an album on his own of course. That would be his debut self-titled solo effort, showing us that not only can Moen bang a drum, but he is also a pretty qualified songwriter himself.

    10. Gregory and the Hawk - "Grey Weather"

    Ever since hearing "Boats and Birds" back in 2006, we have been hooked on Gregory and the Hawk. Their debut LP, In Your Dreams was everything we could hope for and more. Now on their latest album Moenie and Kitchi it really appears as if Meredith Godreau has come into her own. Each song on the album is rife with emotion and perfect for that rainy day.

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