The 5 Types of People You'll Meet at a Dave Matthews Concert This Summer
    • MONDAY, JUNE 11, 2018

    • Posted by: Adrianne Torea

    Well, we don't like to stereotype, but…we're gonna, just a little. Dave Matthews Band just dropped their 10th album (and 1st in six years!), Come Tomorrow, and you're either a massive fan or a serious hater. There is no in between! Actual DMB fans can't be put into any one category… so let's put them into five. To set the stage, you're in the parking lot at one of Dave's upcoming gigs (Tour Dates HERE) an hour before the concert, you're a couple beers deep in line for the port-o-potty, who could you bump into?

    The Day One "Daveslave"

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    In high school he had a binder full of DMB CD's and he would burn them for his friends…he still has that binder, and he still uses CD's. He thinks Dave is a lyrical genius. He's always reminiscing about his first DMB concert and thinks Bonnaroo 2005 was the best time of his life. Now he's 31 and teaches 8th grade social studies. You might see him at the merch tent with his wife, and he will most definitely be wearing khaki cargo shorts.

    Hipster Vegans

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    You know the ones. Berks, dangly earrings, jean jackets with maybe a little weed in the pocket. You see them at farmer's markets with their dogs. They're Instagram names might have the word "hippie" in them. They like DMB's music but they also really like that he's donated to environmental organizations.


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    This is their big night out with the girls. In fact, you will probably see their post on Instagram after the concert that says "Great night with some great friends" just so people know that they still can have fun. They don't really know what kind of music they like, but DMB feels safe and comfortable. And it makes them feel kind of cool. Before the concert they drink rosé from cute travel mugs and always have their beer in a koozie. They're the ones that roll their eyes when they smell weed inside the concert.

    Lax Bros/Frat Bros

    Jerseys and backwards hats. Beer pong and flip cup in the parking lot. Blackout drunk before the concert starts. Can't name a member besides Dave.

    Sorority Girls

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    These are current sorority girls and former, but once a sorority girls always a sorority girl, right? These are the girls that are on their phones at the beginning of the concert trying to pick which picture to post on Instagram from the parking lot. They spent two and a half hours getting ready so obviously they have to show the ‘gram. They're fake hipsters and they mainly like DMB because they wanna hang with the frat bros.

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