We Created a Petition to Ban Morrissey From Touring
    • WEDNESDAY, JUNE 11, 2014

    • Posted by: Baeble Staff

    If we learned anything from the campaign to deport Justin Bieber that was organized earlier this year it's that these White House petitions are about as effective as everyone's favorite form of birth control, pulling out. But similar to the aforementioned analogy, the We The People grievance forum can be a ton of fun, you guys. After reading last night that Morrissey had once again cancelled the remainder of his U.S. tour, we thought we'd retest the waters of this governmental Facebook feed by creating our own petition — one that would end Moz's fickle reign over his endlessly forgiving U.S. fan base.

    Morrissey's less-than laudable attendance history isn't just a recent anomaly. He hasn't had a tardy-free tour in over 12 years. For any other hard-working, touring musician, cancelling a show is as difficult as breaking up with your gym — natural disasters and/or death...that's what it takes. Morrissey's tours, however, which annually fill major national venues, can be wiped out entirely by a devastating cold...somebody should put the grouchy old grey fox in a bubble.

    The Stats

    2002: 5 Cancellations
    2003: No Tour
    2004: 10 Cancellations
    2005: No Tour
    2006: 5 Cancellations
    2007: 7 Cancellations, 2 Postponed
    2008: 2 Cancellations
    2009: 9 Cancellations, 11 Postponed
    2010: No Tour
    2011: 3 Cancellations, 1 Postponed
    2012: 3 Cancellations, 24 Postponed
    2013: 42 Cancellations, 18 Postponed
    2014: 10 Cancellations, 3 Postponed

    Morrissey has bailed on 96 shows in the past 12 years. With a well below-average attendance of approximately 15,000 people at Morrissey-frequented venues, that's roughly 1.5 million people he's pissed off over the past decade. Since his fans continue to give the guy second chances like a deadbeat dad every time he falls off the wagon, we decided to get the government involved. We don't believe this sure-to-be fruitless joke petition will have any impact whatsoever, but maybe you will all prove us wrong... Visit our petition to the U.S. government to end Morrissey's outrageous mistreatment of his fans HERE.

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