t.g.i. mixtape 63
    • FRIDAY, JUNE 11, 2010

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    BBQ! I know you all loved last week's tape from Rooney's Ned Brower, and are craving more star studded mixers. I know I am, because last week was like a mixcation for me! Always be snorkling, as they say. But this week it's BACK TO THE GRIND for us at Baeble, and now that I've had a full week of accumulating hot new trackz for y'all to peep at, it's time to get peeping (gross! also, huh?).

    Please welcome new Baeble contributor Ben Krusling, who will also be making your tastes this week. Onward! Let's get weird!*-joe puglisi

    *Weird is slang for "drunk" in certain circles, right?

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    1. "Hobo Feet" - Teen Daze - Four More Years
    Even though the only human voice in the song is a sample of a guy exclaiming "you've got hobo feet!", this new track from dreamhouse band Teen Daze builds steadily and reaches a surprisingly cathartic finale. It's funny and emotional.

    2. "Outer Limits" - Sleep?Over - Outer Limits 7"
    Sleep?Over hails more from the Zola Jesus school of dark, haunted, reverb-drenched pop and "Outer Limits" exemplifies the sound perfectly: beautiful, melancholic, fatally chill.

    3. "The Love Between" - White Fence - White Fence
    A psychedelic offering from LA's Tim Presley who records under the name White Fence. Sounds like an acid trip in SoCal about forty years ago. Pretty awesome.

    4. "General Patton" - Big Boi - Sir Lucious Leftfoot: The Son Of Chico Dusty
    PS This is rap. Lots of cursing, headphones UP. But seriously, is there any chance of this record NOT being totally awesome? One half of Outkast returns "like the ghost of Christmas past" WITH A VEGENCE. Big Boi makes it feel like Christmas in June. Awesome, bass laden Christmas. Dusty is out 7/6 on Def Jam.

    5. "Cloud Shadow On The Mountain" - Wolf Parade - Expo 86
    The talking in the beginning bothered me at first, and now I'm not sure why. This song makes me want to RIOT. It's got that kind of pumped up, gut-busting momentum that usually ends in burning cars and looting Shoprites. But don't do any of that, just anticipate Expo 86, out 6/29 on Sub Pop.

    6. "Alter Ego" - Tame Impala - Innerspeaker
    These Aussies kind of know how to throw together a pretty bangin' track, that sounds suspiciously like The Beatles curating a Williamsburg loft with Dangermouse producing. So, um, that's kind of cool. Innerspeaker is out, you probably already have it.

    7. "The Ocean" - Young Rival - Young Rival
    I love when I pick up a CD because it looks cool AND it sounds cool. This situation, while seemingly ubiquitous, happens so infrequently, I tend to think of it as a myth. Also, who has CDs anymore? Young Rival makes a great "sounds-of-the-summer" accessory, without the forced hype-cool of today's beachiest bands (see what I did there?). Get yours today!

    8. "First Date Kit" - Tokyo Police Club
    A B-Side from Champ, recorded with Luke from Born Ruffians (who also have a great record out). TOO MANY BANDS I LOVE TOGETHER! BRAIN EXPLOSION!

    9. "Chinatown" - Wild Nothing - Gemini
    Like that first dip in a not quite warm enough summer pool, this track from Wild Nothing washes over the listener with its' invigorating energy and chilly atmospherics. Wild Nothing is the product of Virginia Tech student Jack Tatum, who recently dropped a nostalgia obsessed collection of tunes titled Gemini last month.

    10. "I Heart California" - Admiral Radley - I Heart California
    They could easily have dubbed themselves Earlidaddy or Grandimart, but a chance encounter with an actual Admiral Radley (who allegedly asked one of the members to remove a splinter from his thumb) in an LA art museum sealed the moniker for this new band featuring Jason Lytle and Aaron Burtch of Grandaddy, and Ariana Murray and Aaron Espinoza of Earlimart. The group's new album I Heart California sounds exactly what you might expect from such a collaborative. This is the title track and first song to surface from the July 13th album.

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