stream: live from bonnaroo with npr
    • FRIDAY, JUNE 11, 2010

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    Altered state or not, some of us are not in the state of Tennessee at the moment (even if we think we are), so thank goodness for the kind folks at NPR for setting up a totally free live stream of all the action at Bonnaroo. The stream started an hour ago, get on it after the jump. Perhaps you will hear the muffled cries of our intrepid contributor Reuben Meltzer as he flails helplessly in and out of consciousness (or in his mind, our universe and the universe of the zebra people).

    Here is what we are missing, and here is where you can live stream some of it. Today on the live schedule: Neon Indian (already happened), Here We Go Magic, Jay Electronica (!!!), The Gossip, and at 1AM, The Flaming Lips. Sound quality is really good too. I know live streams can be pseudo-lame sometimes, but as I write this Alan from Neon Indian is announcing a new Vega song and requesting more glow sticks in his monitor... I have to admit, this is pretty dope! And now Local Natives from last night? There goes my afternoon!-joe puglisi

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