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    • FRIDAY, JUNE 11, 2010

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    "Never cover Radiohead" is often uttered by the elitists of the internet, and they aren't wrong; nine times out of ten covering one of rock music's most influential, most talked about bands is a major faux pas, and a huge headache. But this time, a closer look is needed...Amanda Palmer's rousing rendition of "Idioteque" is a near-perfect cover; enough of the original ideals are left in tact, with enough Palmer-isms to make the recording her own.

    Seriously, as one of the most critical fans of Yorke's specific cathartic aesthetic, I am wholly aware of the blasphemous nature of my statements. But Palmer really does recreate the intense schizophrenia quite well, and with surprising tools: her acoustic instruments and minimal vocal manipulation. Check it out:

    <a href="">Idioteque by Amanda Palmer</a>

    OK the naming names thing is kind of weird.

    It will be interesting to hear her "magic ukelele" and it's take on other Radiohead classics... the EP includes "Creep," "High and Dry", "No Surprises", "Fake Plastic Trees", and a live piano/string quartet version of "Exit Music (For a Film)" featuring cellist Zo Keating. Amanda Palmer Plays the Popular hits of Radiohead on Her Magical Ukulele is out 7/17. -joe puglisi

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