mia debuts new song again
    • FRIDAY, JUNE 11, 2010

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    Everyone's favorite violence advocating ginger murderer MIA released another track off her pseudo-self titled LP (due out 7/13). I will NOT be typing out the actual album name, because I hate it. But I will provide you with fuel to drive you to drink this wonderful, blissful Friday afternoon.

    First, some thoughts!

    "Today, the BBC's Zane Lowe offered the world one big Thursday afternoon truffle fry in the form of a chaotic, dizzying new M.I.A. song called 'Steppin Up'" - Pitchfork (DUH)

    "I am thoroughly disappointed. Why is M.I.A. going backwards, by the lack of comments I'm assuming not to many people are feeling this either? Maybe I'm crazy." -theROAR, Commenter, "Fan"

    "I'd rather listen to them digging up the concrete outside while taking a standardized test." -joe


    M.I.A. - Stepping Up by sheenabeaston

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