announcing baeble tv!
    • FRIDAY, JUNE 11, 2010

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    Baeblemusic is proud to announce a revamped, one-stop page for all of its video content, from full length shows to Guest Apartment sessions to music videos. Meet BTV, a section of the Baeble website that caters specifically to the voracious consumer of all things video. The page is equipped with all the essentials for Baeble video, including links to other relevant videos, pictures, and featured editorial. At the bottom of the page, a virtual buffet of Baeble videos is at the viewer's disposal. The library contains every bit of video currently living on the Baeble site, organized in the method of the viewer's choice; newest to oldest, alphabetical, most-viewed, or top rated. Indulge in Baeble's humongous library of content all in one place: BTV, the spot for hours of entertainment. BTV!...

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