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    • THURSDAY, JUNE 11, 2009

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    The San Francisco based four piece The Dry Spells self describe their sound as "a bird riding a horse through the Great Plains." This might suggest overly cute, acoustic based hippie folk music, but The Dry Spells are utterly refreshing. With their blend of influences and instruments ranging from folk to electronica, the band churn out epic pop ballads that fins a balance between their dark, beautiful female harmonies and melodies to something that is compelling in its' varied complexity. Their grand orchestrated songs recall to mind epic historical tales, with a baroque influence that, while not as obvious as the full out orchestra pop of bands like Beirut, embrace the historical, while remaining utterly modern in their approach and sound.

    While their intricate, pieced together songs generally last upwards of five minutes (not an easy task in a society intent upon 160 character snippets and three minute songs), The Dry Spells produce music that is engaging and a far cry from the soft, passive acoustics the word "folk" might bring to mind. This is a band that is well worth the bits of extended time their songs might require.

    It seems inevitable that the band would have a history to match their sound; one that's both whimsical and unexpected. Their first song was inspired by story of a nine year old girl collecting leaves when a hunter accidentally killed her. Naturally, the same touch of the morbid and gothic hides underneath the songs on their debut album, Too Soon for Flowers. Despite these haunted storylines and lyrics, The Dry Spells aren't exactly sad music. Mystery and a touch of the melancholy, of course...a sprinkling of the theatrical and narrative. But there is something cheerful in the pretty harmonies and easy structures of these songs. Something that should carry you over in a time of a musical dry spell. - Laura Yan

    The Dry Spells on Tour

    Jun 25 - Cafe Coda with Citay - Chico, California
    Jun 26 - The Basement - Nevada City, California
    Jun 27 - The Tempest - San Francisco, California
    Jul 1 - House Party - San Luis Opispo, California
    Jul 2 - The Silverlake Lounge - Los Angeles, California
    Jul 4 - The Lounge Underground - Monterey, California
    Jul 16 - The Rickshaw Stop - San Francisco, California

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