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    • WEDNESDAY, JUNE 11, 2008

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    We’re convinced it’s more like: “We Are Comedians.” We recently sat down with We Are Scientists and they had everything to say to us. Except of course, the answer to any of our questions.

    Baeble: So, how did you guys get your start?
    Baeble: Take your time.

    Chris: Hmmm. It was a long time ago… we have to dig through a lot of… muck to get to that memory…. We went to University together.
    Keith: We went to the University together. College. Pomona College.
    Chris: I wish we could say we went to Space College, or Space Uni… you know, travel.

    Baeble: Is that like space camp?
    Chris: Space camp, but for adults. Space camp the accredited university. You know, it’s different. Space camp is a grade school level education.
    Keith: Going to Kansas camp is not really the same thing as going to the University of Kansas, for example.
    Chris: We like “NASA University.”

    Baeble: We have to ask… why the kittens on With Love and Squalor?
    Chris: Because kittens are beautiful organisms.
    Keith: We wanted to show people kittens, make them take a good look… you know, drink in the kittens.
    Chris: And raise awareness. About what’s going on. With kittens. And we accomplished that goal; ten fold.

    Baeble: We may have already answered this in our research, but why the large gap between the two U.S. releases?
    Chris: We were busy. We toured on the first album—
    Keith: I was reading the latest Jonathan Lethem book, and it took me forever.
    Chris: Heavy sledding. How was it?
    Keith: Yeah, it was good. I found myself having to read every paragraph over and over. Yeah, that was a good chunk of ’06 for me.
    Chris. Lethem is good. Check him out.

    Baeble: What is different about this record from the last one?
    Chris: One thing we were a little dissatisfied with on the last record was the level of money that we got.
    Keith: It was one thing, that after we recorded if we could have gotten…changed that, we would have made more money on the record. I think we tweaked this album accordingly. If I could go back and change anything about this current record… well you get the idea. We would take the money to the next-highest current level.

    Baeble: What’s your favorite track off of Brain Thrust Mastery?
    Chris: Hmm…It’s like trying to choose a favorite child. Easy.
    Keith: It’s obvious. Probably “Lethal Enforcer.”

    Baeble: How about some music you guys have been listening to?
    Keith: “Lethal Enforcer” on loop.
    Chris: What I’ve been doing lately is listening to it backwards or starting in the middle… or I take it in Garageband and cut it up, and listen to the middle and then the front half.
    Keith: You know what I’ve done is on my iTunes, I’ve renamed “Lethal Enforcer” and made playlist after playlist of it… I’ve renamed it things like, you know, The Killers, Sams Town… or U2.

    Baeble: Maybe you guys should do a mash-up of “Lethal Enforcer”… with itself.
    Chris: It could work.
    Keith: I think Justice already did that… no, wait. I just renamed it. That’s us.

    Baeble: So who do you guys admire… besides yourself.
    Chris: oooooh.
    Keith: Ah, see, you leg-swept us…. Hm. Um, I don’t know… R.E.M. seem like nice guys?
    Chris: Beethoven is good, um, Caesar is good… Shakespeare… Jonathan Lethem…President Bush…The President is good. The Ocean… I like the Ocean. And NATO’s new stuff.

    Baeble: What’s next for We Are Scientists?
    Chris: We’re gonna tour…you know, tour out the rest of the year. Tour the rest of the fucking year.
    Keith: Look, if you don’t like the answers, don’t ask the questions. We’re touring, for a year.
    Chris: You seem shocked.
    Keith: You should see your face right now. Man I would love to play a game of poker with you…you think you’re playing it cool? There are actually tears streaming down your face right now.
    Chris: You look like you watched “The Ring” video a week ago. Seriously. You look shocked.

    Baeble: Anything else you’d like to add? I just got a new haircut.
    Chris: Please visit our website
    Keith: It’s every bit as good as Google. It has features Google doesn’t. Like it can help you fix that haircut.
    Chris: You just put in “vet”
    Keith: And “hair clipping”
    Chris: And then your zip code…. Search. Or you can search and hear our other music and see our videos on YouTube. You can rename them “Lethal Enforcer,” that’s the only rename option.

    The band went on to endorse several things, including Alamo Car Rentals and the state of Indiana. However, they failed to mention the name of their new album, Brain Thrust Mastery, which is available in stores and online. Pick it up today, so you can make your own play lists full of “Lethal Enforcer.” - joe Puglisi

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