Know Who's Next: Greg Holden
    • WEDNESDAY, JUNE 10, 2015

    • Posted by: Becky Foinchas

    The British native, singer-song writer Greg Holden has undeniably captured the hearts and minds of a broad range of music lovers across the world. How you might ask? Well, it might stem from his spot-on lyrical relatability or perhaps its the pain-relieving arrangements of his acoustic strums that constantly has his fans yearning for more. Whatever your appeal, one thing's for certain. Holden's music is the DSLR camera able to take the most vivid snapshots of our human condition.

    Some hits like the critically praised single "Hold on Tight", from his newest album Chase The Sun, provides his listeners with the sobering reality of reality. Every one of the eleven songs on his newest album commits to an intimate musical relationship with his fans on an unmatched level of humbled simplicity, charming vulnerability, and emotionally charged dynamics.

    With that level of empathetic charm, its no surprise that Holden actually co-wrote the song "Home" for American Idol winner, Phillip Phillips; earning approximately 37 million YouTube views to date. Call it musical intuition, call it situational awareness, Holden has refined a compositional structure that allows him to be compared to some of the most notable classics; bereft of all the glitter, bedazzle, confetti, and glaze that it may have taken some of his forefathers to get there. Perhaps it's this modesty and universalism that has landed some of his hits on television shows like One Tree Hill, Private Practice, and Make It or Break It.

    So what does an accomplished musician that has managed to transcend multiple facets of the music realm do now? You go on tour with Ingrid Michaelson. Holden kicks of his U.S./Euro summer tour with the folk-pop musician Ingrid Michaelson this month. He'll be touching down in some of the biggest cities in the States, and then heading across the pond to headline at some more popular spots a bit closer to his native land.

    Before checking out an inevitably heart-warming performance in a city near you, check out the exclusive Baeblemusic session, which we'll be premiering on the site tomorrow. We get the chance to sit down with Holden and hear some of his thought process behind his melodically appealing end-products as well as how he paints such grappling pictures with his lyrics.

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