Chaos Chaos Kiss Their Past Goodbye
    • TUESDAY, JUNE 10, 2014

    • Posted by: David Pitz

    When we caught up with with the sisterly duo, Chaos Chaos shortly after bouncing through a set at The Brooklyn Half Marathon Pre Party, Presented By New Balance, the girls were in the kind of giggly mood that's indicative of their chipper brand of catchy indie pop. You also got the sense that they were excited about their surroundings. The band had somewhat recently relocated from their Pacific Northwest roots to Brooklyn; an experience, it seems, that is rubbing off on them. "Just from living in Brooklyn I've been confronted with a lot of different kinds of music that I wouldn't necessarily listen to if I lived somewhere else," Asya told us. That kind of exposure has pushed the band's creativity, leading to new ways to think about classic songwriting. "I love the idea of trying to add interesting or unusual sounds into pop music," she added.

    Some of that pop music apparently includes Miley Cyrus, by the way. "I kind of like that song 'Adore You'," Chloe not so shamefully admitted. "I had it on my Spotify but whenever it would play songs for my friends...I would have to delete it temporarily and then I always put it back on." That clash of mainstream and more unusual elements is a nice way to describe the band's new sonic identity. The band was also forced to take on a whole new identity.

    If the girls look familiar it's because you might have grown up on a steady diet of Yo Gabba Gabba (which they appeared on) and classic, Pac NW indie rock. Long before Brooklyn called, the band was already having the kind of success musicians' twice their age work day in, day out to achieve as Smoosh. They were mentored by Death Cab For Cutie drummer Jason McGerr, opened for his band, as well as Pearl Jam, and Sleater Kinney, and released three albums during their tenure as Smoosh. That name, however, was apparently not meant to be. "We can't be Smoosh anymore because of one terrible thing...because of Jersey Shore," Chloe told us. "Snookie actually started using the word 'smoosh' to mean sex." Hence, the SEO gods at Google have ruined the band's glorious past.

    But in our talks with the band, you get the sense that they're more focused on the future, working on new songs for an album and generally embracing their new identity as Chaos Chaos. It's an identity we think you should embrace as well. Have a look at our interview with the band and keep an eye out for new music from Asya and Chloe in the very near future.

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