THROWBACK THURSDAY: In Session with The Veronicas
    • THURSDAY, JUNE 01, 2017

    • Posted by: Jake Holzman

    It's our favorite day of the week here at the Baeble offices: Throwback Thursday! Or, in other words, the day when we finally have a perfect excuse to dig up some of our favorite performances and re-share them with you! In anticipation of tomorrow's release of The Veronicas' newest single, "The Only High," we're throwing it back to when they visited Baeble to play this beautiful acoustic set for us. The sisters' emotional performance of "You Ruin Me" is the perfect thing to listen to if you've just had your heart broken, and their voices will have you hooked right off the bat (if their hilarious reasons for being attached to the letter "V" don't already!). Their harmonies are wild, especially on "Always," they have amazing control, and they perform so passionately that it isn't surprising when, as the final notes ring out on the piano, they start laughing and say, "We went for it." Oh, and don't mistake the Veronicas for your average pop duo. In between the performances, they spoke with us about their need to experiment in the moment. "We get bored," they admitted to us at the time. "Keeping it spontaneous is fun, it's part of the excitement." To keep that excitement going, be sure to revisit this session with us so you can fully understand the Aussie sensation.

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