The Florence and the Machine Performance That'll Quite Literally Knock Your Socks Off
    • MONDAY, JUNE 01, 2015

    • Posted by: Becky Foinchas

    A few of us here at the Baeblemusic HQ are eagerly counting down the hours, minutes, and seconds leading up to Florence and the Machine's much anticipated latest album How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful, to be released on June 2nd. That is tomorrow people. After the global success of her last studio album, Ceremonials, father time became more selfish than ever. With an overload of sold-out shows, television appearances, investigative interviews, and live jam sessions, who can blame Florence for the long yet busy four year lapse between the two records. But, for dehydrated Florence and the Machine fans like myself, I get my fix by indulging in her promotional performances, like the one performed last Wednesday on The Graham Norton Show.

    Graham Norton is a pretty lucky host; or just a pretty powerful one right about now. Not only does an extraordinary select, orchestral-rock symphony of magical pulses await Norton's viewers, but it does so while the leading lady bobs back and forth to her song "Ship to Wreck" ...standing on her own two feet. This may not seem like a feat (pun totally intended) for a full functioning 28 year old adult. But if we plunge into the depths of our memories, Florence Welch was out for the count after breaking her foot at a Coachella performance earlier this year. No matter Florence's conceptual grasp of bipedalism, her and her machines rock the stage as she serenades the crowd with her undeniably distinctive voice in the "Ship To Wreck" performance that brisk British night. Though, the power of this particular performance lies in the power of her passion. Every whimsical lyric of the song "Ship To Wreck" is accompanied by heart-felt expression and hair raising occasions that unquestionably captivate and consciously appeal to the hearts and minds of her audience: her green eyes fixate on her viewers, shining brighter than the sun through her bright red bangs. Her band's instruments dance wildly behind her with every new note she hums. To put it simply, Florence and the Machine's 'little tight knit' performance on The Graham Norton Show is fearless, theatrical, and audacious enough to easily showcase in some of the worlds largest and boldest music venues.

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