Nate Ruess And Beck Shock With A Gorgeous Alt Country Ballad
    • MONDAY, JUNE 01, 2015

    • Posted by: Don Saas

    I had no idea that Beck was going to be featured on .fun frontman Nate Ruess's new solo record, and even if I had known, I would not have imagined that their collaboration would have sounded like "What This World Is Coming To." If you'd asked me on the spot to describe a potential Beck/Ruess collaboration, I would have guessed it was some avant-pop/synthy piece of bombast. I would have not guessed an understated alt-country tune. The elegance of the piece took my surprise at first, but a second listen drew me into its evocations. Ruess and Beck's voices don't seem like natural fits but they complement each other marvelously on the track. Can we make Beck an honorary member of .fun now?

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