T.G.I.Mixtape 162 Curated By Luke Pritchard of The Kooks
    • FRIDAY, JUNE 01, 2012

    • Posted by: Joe Puglisi

    This week's tape is curated by Luke Pritchard of The Kooks, who recently played an awesome session with Baeble as well as a big show in Central Park with Foster The People. It's easy to see where Pritchard's frontman sensability starts and ends-- the mix of classic rock and current hip-hop easily explains his charming swagger.

    We left the "u"s for extra Britishness!

    Check out some tour dates for The Kooks below.

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    1. "It Is Not Meant To Be" - Tame Impala - Innerspeaker

    My new favourite band, it's such a vibe record really psychedelic musically and poetically. the production is really interesting, washy guitar tones with a really punchy rhythm section. amazing tune.

    2. "Band On The Run" - Paul McCartney and Wings - Band On The Run

    I love this song at the moment, it's got some brilliant guitar playing at the top and takes you on a bit of a mad journey. Feels like it could've been on Abbey Road. It's a classic anyway just I'm listening to it a lot at the moment.

    3. "Elephant Stone" - The Stone Roses - Turns Into Stone

    This is such a crazy song, I like playing this having a few drinks with my mates. It's so cool they're back together this summer.

    4. "212" - Azealia Banks - 1991 EP

    This is such a cool beat, it gets me going I love how naughty she is but she looks like butter wouldn't melt. Lyrics are amazing and the delivery too. I haven't got the album yet, looking forward to checking it out.

    5. "Holes" - Mercury Rev - Deserter's Songs

    I only came across this recently, it's a really dreamy song with this amazing vocal melody. It has uplifting melancholy going on, the control of the song I think builds this nostalgic dream in technicolours, matched with really surreal lyrics. F-cking brilliant.

    6. "Power" - Kanye West - My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

    I really like his latest album and this is the stand out track to me. It's such a cool King Crimson sample, he's really used it well and I love the utter confidence that goes through the track.

    7. "We Are The People" - Empire Of The Sun - Walking On A Dream

    I keep coming back to this record this summer. It's such good music in the sun. I heard it first in Australia just as it came out and it always brings me back to that time.

    8. "The Magnificent Seven" - The Clash - Sandinista!

    Great party tune. You can really crank this one. I love the way this song brings together punk and hip-hop of that time. its an incredible piece of music.

    9. "Family Affair" - Sly and The Family Stone - The Essential Sly and The Family Stone

    I listen to this every day at the moment. The groove is insane just ticking along with a kind of seedy undertone to the whole vibe. I wish I'd been involved in making this record.

    10. "2HB" - Roxy Music - Roxy Music

    This is the perfect song to end a play list. It's just so sophisticated with the most amazing organ playing, Eno I think, there really isn't another song like it.

    The Kooks on Tour:
    6/1 Columbus, OH LC Pavilion SOLD OUT *
    6/4 Grand Prarie, TX Verizon Theatre *
    6/5 Austin, TX The Backyard - SOLD OUT *
    6/7 Atlanta, GA Verizon Wireless (Pavilion) *
    6/8 Manchester, TN Bonnaroo Festival
    6/10 Columbia, MD Merriweather Post Pavilion *
    *as special guests of Foster The People

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