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    • TUESDAY, JUNE 01, 2010

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    Memorial Day usually means barbeques, beers, and the start of summer. But the wide world of sports music never sleeps, drinks alcohol, eats truffle french fries, gets mobbed, does lots of drugs, or leaks their music!*

    *Probably not true, all of these!

    1. MIA blogged a response, new song "Haters" to the NYT article. I'm starting to get tired of this. After posting the authors number to her Twitter and typing in all caps/symbols I'M_A BR..E/AK MY M-AC&&^BOOK AIUR!!!!!!!111!!*, MIA posted a pseudo-retort to the New York Times Mag piece that kind of tore her down. It points out via audio that it was Lynn Hirschberg who ordered the fries on NYT's dime, and then framed the story to make MIA seem like a hypocrite for eating them. This would seem backhanded and incriminating if MIA wasn't kind of proving her points about her "personal life as politics" via her sensationalism and backlash against the piece. [War Crimes and French Fries]


    2. A new Kanye West song leaked. Speculation about "Power", the banging West track that flooded the Tube this weekend ran rampant, with Stereogum claiming the track is the first single from Good A*s Job (Ye's forthcoming album due in September, maybe?). I'm inclined to agree with claims that this is a good indication of Ye returning to fantastic, word-melting form. Listen:

    3. A bunch of rappers made a song about LeBron James, and after the kind of obnoxious opening, they all make a case to bring James to their city. If you are like me and you like rap music/basketball, this is a cool thing, maybe, depending on those conditions! [listen here.

    4. The Primavera Sound Festival in Barcelona. For all their faults, P4K does occasionally impress me, as they did with their coverage of this fest in Spain. Check out their coverage here.

    5. The six song How To Destroy Angels EP hit the internet today. Get it for free-nintey-nine.

    6. Paul McCartney's tour bus was attacked in Mexico. A flash-mob in Mexico City on Saturday night stormed Sir Paul's bus, causing a necessary rescue from local cops. "Paul and the team were shaken up". There is a joke in here somewhere. [via The Guardian]

    I know, I know, WORK. Tough to be back after scarfing hot dogs and Coronas, but hey! Only three more days until Friday, or something! Stay cool, stragglers. It's only summer, jump into summer.

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