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    • TUESDAY, JUNE 01, 2010

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    Joan Holloway goes for a joy ride IN SPACE. Broken Bells were wise to choose Christina Hendricks for their video, even if they thought they'd never get her. James Mercer and Danger Mouse show up briefly towards the end, but as Roger Sterling would probably say, Joannie is the real star here. Also, more whiskey. WARNING: Janelle Monae might also approve this video. You'll see what I mean over at the Guardian, who has the exclusive. UPDATE: video is no longer playable in the US. We will keep you posted... UPDATE #2: It would seem the video is being blocked until Thursday, because it is supposed to premier stateside through VEVO, just another reason we need the TMNT or perhaps the Ghostbusters to stop him/it.

    In case you didn't click quick enough, it's because androids. Broken Bells is out now! Catch Mad Men season three while you're at it, starting up soon... -joe puglisi

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    MP3: "The High Road" (Broken Bells)
    Broken Bells on Myspace

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