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    • TUESDAY, JUNE 01, 2010

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    The psychadelic rock of Tame Impala is making a splash right now, garnering a landslide of "anything but tame" puns and "insert Chevy jokes". Following a hype-worthy EP, we didn't hear much until their debut InnerSpeaker, which is currently garnering praise from the various music outlets of the net for it's simultaneous modernity and classical nature. Mostly though, it's just really fun; it kind of sounds like the boys from Liverpool made a record in Brooklyn, 2010.

    "Alter Ego" really showcases that sound, the grappling hooks and beats sound nifty, but have a certain backwards charm as the vocals literally do their damnedest to imitate those iconic Beatles inflections. It could be their Perth, Australia origins, it could be a love of the fab's music... either way, the sound is a icy-cool blend of saccharine, modern crank-rock and 60s harmony.

    InnerSpeaker is out now. -joe puglisi

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    MP3: "Alter Ego" (InnerSpeak)
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