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    • MONDAY, JUNE 01, 2009

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    Everyone's favorite Berkeley-based trio Why? is set to drop a third album in the fall, entitled Eskimo Snow. We're hoping this means more of Yoni Wolf's absurdist mumbling, more ill beats, and more "who's on first" style miscommunication about the band name.

    To be honest, with Why?, you never really know what to expect. Their songs are so stylistically different from one another that if you were given the instrumental versions, it would be tough to attribute them all to the same band. Why?'s stubborn refusal to be pigeonholed is part of what makes them so great. The other part is Wolf's lyrics.

    Careening through stream-of-consciousness territory that borders on the surreal, Wolf speak-sings and flings rapid-fire vivid imagery to induce head spinning and mass grinning. No words are extraneous even if you can't quite make sense of them, it makes sense they're there. As an example, on Elephant Eyelash, Why? effortlessly made perhaps their most addictive chorus to date with the words "there was a moth caught in the soapdish / laminated in lye / will you still remember me well / if I don't get to two-oh-oh-five / deadline Gemini." Sure it works when they do it, but just try singing it in the car and see the looks you get.

    In a recent interview, Wolf told Pitchfork that this would be the least hip-hop record out of anything he's done so far. It'll be interesting to see how his linguistic prowess will translate into a more conventional song format. Rest assured, if the Eskimos are running out of words for snow, they can count on Wolf to supply them with some fresh ones.
    - Nina Mashurova

    Why? on Tour
    Jul 1 STARY BROWAR Poznan
    Jul 3 BREMINALE Bremen
    Jul 5 TIVOLI Utrecht
    Jul 6 GARAGE London
    Jul 7 AUDIO Brighton
    Jul 8 NOUVEAU CASINO Paris
    Jul 8 NOUVEAU CASINO Paris
    Jul 9 LES ARDENTES Liege
    Jul 10 WALDBHNE w/ELEMENT OF CRIME u.a. Northeim
    Jul 11 ZMF FESTIVAL w/ELEMENT OF CRIME u.a. Freidburg
    Jul 12 DELTA PARK w/ELEMENT OF CRIME u.a. Essen
    Jul 15 BARBY CLUB Tel Aviv

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