Two New Robert Pollard Albums - Fall '07
    • FRIDAY, JUNE 01, 2007

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    Robert Pollard made quite a splash with his debut on Merge Records in 2006. Uncle Bob released not one, but two new albums on his new label – From A Compound Eye in January and Normal Happiness in October 2006. Well, now Bob has one-upped himself – again! This fall, Bob will be releasing not one, but TWO brand new Robert Pollard albums – Coast To Coast Carpet Of Love and Standard Gargoyle Decisions. Both albums are slated for an October 9th release, and will be sold separately. What could be better than a double shot of great music from one of rock’s most acclaimed (and most prolific) songwriters of the last 20 years.

    As was the case with From A Compound Eye and Normal Happiness, all of the material on these recordings was written, recorded and performed by Bob and his long-time collaborator Todd Tobias.

    For these new releases, Pollard has put together two markedly different albums -- one focuses on his super-catchy pop side the other his more down and dirty rock side. It's like Beatles Vs. Stones! A battle to the death and, of course, Bob emerges as the victor!

    As an extra special bonus surrounding these releases, Pollard will be starting his Happy Jack Rock Records Singles Club in June 2007, through his website. The Singles Club will feature one 7” single each month for a year with a track from Standard Gargoyle Decisions or Coast to Coast Carpet Of Love as the A-side, and a non-album track on the B-side.

    Track Listings:

    Coast To Coast Carpet Of Love

    1. Our Gaze
    2. Count Us In
    3. Exactly What Words Mean
    4. Current Desperation (Angels Speak Of Nothing)
    5. Dumb Lady
    6. Rud Fins
    7. Customer’s Throat
    8. Miles Under The Skin
    9. Penumbra
    10. Slow Hamilton
    11. Looks Is What You Have
    12. I Clap For Strangers
    13. Life Of A Wife
    14. Youth Leagues
    15. When We Were Slaves
    16. Nicely Now

    Standard Gargoyle Decisions
    1. The Killers
    2. Pill Gone Girl
    3. Hero Blows the Revolution
    4. Psycho-Inertia
    5. Shadow Port
    6. Lay Me Down
    7. Butcher Man
    8. Motion Sickness Ghosts
    9. I In The World
    10. Here Comes Garcia
    11. The Island Lobby
    12. Folded Claws
    13. Feel Not Crushed
    14. Accusations
    15. Don’t Trust Anybody
    16. Come Here Beautiful
    17. Spider Eyes

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