Perfume Genius Shines in New 'Die 4 You' Video
    • TUESDAY, MAY 09, 2017

    • Posted by: Kirsten Spruch

    We recently featured Perfume Genius's "Die 4 You" as our Song of the Day and now, he has officially released a video for it. If there's one thing we can always count on Perfume Genius (aka Mike Hadreas) for, it's stunning visuals, and once again he does not disappoint. Like every video he creates, it's cinematic and dramatic. For the first half, he wears a Black Swan-esque suit (the same one he wore for his Colbert performance) and in the second half he switches to a more form-fitting top with a sparkly skirt. The video is simple as it plays with pretty lighting and follows the singer around while he dances in slo mo around some unattractive object. We're not sure what the object is...But for lack of better words, it's fabulous, and no one can pull it off quite like Hadreas can.

    "Die 4 You" is off of Perfume Genius' latest album, No Shape, out now.

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