Album Review: Norah Jones
    • WEDNESDAY, MAY 09, 2012

    • Posted by: Carianne Hixson

    Norah Jones climbed her way to the top of the charts back in 2002 with "Come Away With Me." It was a breath of fresh, relaxing air that landed her sultry vocals on the forefront of the conversation and walking away from the year with a handful of Grammys. Unfortunately, that hit became the epilogue of her jazz career, forcing her into a corner of criticism due to her consistently understated, ballad-like songs being pigeonholed as only fitting for a coffee house. She stayed true to her style even with that criticism until 2009 where she experimented with a rockier sound on The Fall and now she's taking that experimentation to new levels with James Mercer/Broken Bells producer Brian "Danger Mouse" Burton.

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