snl: tina fey and ellie goulding
    • MONDAY, MAY 09, 2011

    • Posted by: Joe Puglisi

    Tina Fey revisited her old stomping grounds in style, no doubt penning some of the night's funniest gags herself (being a former head writer comes with privilege). Arguably SNL's most famous modern mom, it made sense for her to helm the Mother's Day episode, even if some of the sketches didn't make any sense (I'm looking at you, Hallmark Mother's Day). But the laffs showed up: Fey's iconic/uncanny Palin impression impacted in the first few minutes, we got an always extra-special visit from Stefon, and more.

    First off, Bill Heder's stylish New York nightlife expert is probably the best thing about SNL's current iteration. His Mother's Day advice lives up to some of the greats.

    Tina Fey reprises her uber-famous Palin impression (no duh), with a special other famous guest impression from former SNL dude Darrell Hammond.

    Andy Samberg finally hit another home-run with his occasional foul-ball permanent digital short slot. The Lonely Island teamed up with Michael Bolton to finally take him not-so seriously, and the result is glorious. We finally know what love is.

    Musical guest Ellie Goulding performed two songs, one of her own ("Lights", her new single) and a cover of Elton John's "Your Song", neither of which offered a great introduction to the talented singer/songwriting (but SNL never does). The videos aren't on Hulu but if you really want to see "Lights", you can check it out here (or go hunting for it yourself). "Your Song" really isn't worth it, take this official copy of "Lights" instead.

    And just for the sake of your nightmares, happy Mother's Day. Eye bleach sold separately.

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