WTF Of The Week:  Grimes and Elon Musk Are Dating?
    • TUESDAY, MAY 08, 2018

    • Posted by: Elissa Fertig

    The experimental pop artist Grimes appeared at the Met Gala last night wearing a glittering silver choker in the shape of a giant T, obviously representing Tesla. She also wore the car company's founder on her arm, Elon Musk...which was weird.

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    Per Page 6, the two started bonding over A.I. jokes on Twitter. Musk is also a fan of Grimes' music. After that they exchanged tracking signals for each other's teleportation devices, blinked a specific number of times to confirm that their DNA would be a suitable match for each other, and got together.

    Below is video evidence that both of them are extraterrestrial life forms only visiting our planet so they can troll us mere earthlings:

    So awkward, right? They could at least try a little harder to pretend to be human.

    Here are some of Twitter's latest conspiracy theories as to how and why Musk and Grimes are dating:

    Totally possible. Not sure what Musk's total net value is at this point, between bitcoin and his investments in deep obscure A.I. projects (who knows what's hidden under that guy's mattress), but I'm sure it's more than your average musician.

    I, along with the rest of the self-respecting internet, am a lot more psyched about Grimes' collab with Poppy than her dating prospects but whatever, you do you, girl.

    Okay, it didn't happen but the important thing to remember is that it could have.

    A plausible theory on how they spend their free time.

    And of course, potential baby names, because now that they've been dating all of five seconds, we have to wonder what fresh hell they will impart unto their children in the future (see: Stormi).

    Grimes recently collaborated with Janelle Monae on the excellent single "PYNK" and she announced a new album in the works to be released sometime this coming fall.

    In conclusion: we should all be very, very worried about Grimes' dating life. If there's a glitch in the simulation, someone needs to fix it STAT so this celebrity nightmare can end.

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