Harry Styles is Literally Soaring in New Video for 'Sign of the Times'
    • MONDAY, MAY 08, 2017

    • Posted by: Kirsten Spruch

    A lot of girls are in love with Harry Styles. All he has ever done was dance and sing in a boy band, but that was enough to have crowds swoon. He has so much power over his fans - he tweets something and they all freak out, he flips his hair real quick and they all watch in slow motion... You get the idea. To his fans, Mr. Styles is essentially God, and now, with the release of his video for "Sign of the Times," he's really embracing it.

    Ever since Harry Styles left One Direction, he has proved that he can pretty much do anything. He sings, dances, and now, he flies. In the video for the excellent single "Sign of the Times," he is first seen dramatically walking through a windy field dressed in something straight out of a Banana Republic ad. I found myself thinking, "well, this is a bit dramatic," as the camera kept cutting to shots of Styles' nearly clenched hand, but then he started to fly and I decided to throw my past thoughts out the window. He continues to soar in between mountains and move the water in the ocean (which he also walks on) and breaks just about every rule in the book. It's magical and powerful. Harry is soaring.

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