12 of Mac Demarco's Finest Moments
    • MONDAY, MAY 08, 2017

    • Posted by: Kirsten Spruch

    Mac Demarco is an odd ball. Sometimes it's hard to wrap our heads around the fact that he's such an interesting guy, even though he's actually the most normal guy. He wears the same sweater and Vans every day and is a pretty laid-back lad in general, but he also delivers the most entertaining interviews. In celebration of his new album, This Old Dog, which was released last week, we thought we'd take a little tour through our favorite moments. You know, the interviews that made us laugh, the documentaries that made us cry, and the most juicy, hashtag-filled 'grams. Let's take a look.

    1. The making of Another One.

    This video, "The Making of Another One," shows Mac's living situation more than the making of the album, and his living situation is crazy. He basically lives like he doesn't make any money and spurts out random words a lot.

    2. All of his BBQs.

    Attendees are supposed to bring food bank donations too, because Mac is just a really nice guy.

    3. That time he taught us how to play piano.

    As part of a cover contest, Mac filmed a piano tutorial for his song "Another One" and all I have to say is if he was my math teacher in high school, I sure would have learned a lot more.

    4. That time he lit his fart on fire.

    It looked like he nearly set himself on fire.

    5. Pepperoni Playboy.

    In 2014, Pitchfork filmed an over 30 minute long documentary on Mac, which features a gigantic feast with his friends, his studio shrine to himself, his trip to Hong Kong, and so much more.

    6. That time he hung out with Wayne Coyne.

    #waynesworld #partytime #excellent

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    The two weirdest men in the music industry, just what this world needs.

    7. This.


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    8. And this.

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    9. This uncomfortable interview.

    I mean, if you're going to do an uncomfortable interview, you should do it with Mac, because he's so laid back, it's hard to make it weird. The two interviewers asked him about spooning, girlfriends, and Snapchat and Mac answered it all without flinching.

    10. His interview with Nardwuar.

    Everyone knows that Nardwuar interviews are weird, and everyone knows that Mac is weird. Take these two super weirdos and it results in one of the finest Nardwuar interviews to date.

    11. Mac eats A LOT of hot sauce.

    The Canadian singer recently stopped by First We Feast for a special interview where he had to eat wings that got increasingly hotter as the questions got deeper. At the end, when he answers the final question about happiness, there are spicy tears in his eyes, dramatic music is playing, and he sounds like an old man during an intense Lord of the Rings scene or something.

    12. When he performed on The Eric Andre Show.

    The purpose of The Eric Andre Show is to essentially torture the guests, and you'd think it'd be hard to torture Mac, given he's so chill and kind, but Eric Andre didn't hold back. In fact, he did the opposite. During Mac's performance, people swarmed in and attacked him with sticks and farted in his face. Poor Mac.

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