Meme Showdown: Sad Kanye vs. Glad Kanye
    • THURSDAY, MAY 08, 2014

    • Posted by: Matt Howard

    Thanks to the fine folks of the Internet (that's you!), we've seen a fair share of Photoshopped edits of the hilarious 'Sad Kanye' as he awaited his turn down the ole' zip-line. However, the photo of a gleeful Ye finally gettin' his glide on hasn't made such a stir in the gossip world, even though its own edits are equally, if not more comical than those of their predecessors'. So we've compiled a collection of the finest of both parties — Sad and Glad Kanye — to decide which of his moods inspires artistic expression greatest.

    And while you scroll through the competitors, enjoy the ultimate "Showdown" classic by Electric Light Orchestra.



    WINNER: We all win, can't you see?

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