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    • THURSDAY, MAY 08, 2014

    • Posted by: Tayi Sanusi

    With so many of the people graduating college in the coming weeks, it got us thinking about all of the amazing (and often not so amazing) music that has ushered their last four years of college. The songs they danced to, cried to, drank to, and did a million other things to... And although this is by no means a comprehensive list, here are 25 songs that soundtracked the lives of soon-to-be college graduates.

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    1. "Dance Yrself Clean" - LCD Soundsystem (2010)

    Holy shit. Hell of a way to start your college career. Back when it first came out, you'd get hissed at if it was popped on at a party due to its lengthy, hushed intro; four years into the future and everyone at a party will hang in anxious anticipation of that epic first drum fill.

    2. "Home" - Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros (2010)

    Throughout the last four years, this song was played to death, but unlike so many of its overplayed peers, its charm remains intact.

    3. "Sprawl ll" - Arcade Fire (2010)

    The summer after high school...a blur of drinking, drugs, and celebrating your imminent escape from the suburban hell that was (and probably still is) your hometown...and finally you were about to GTFO.

    4. "Young Blood" - The Naked and Famous (2010)

    Your crush from back home played this song at the barbecue he/she had over the summer that you weren't technically invited to but just showed up hoping there'd be too many people for him to actually notice.

    5. "Rolling in the Deep" - Adele (2010)

    Where would a heartbroken young adult be without Adele? Finally, we got some empowering post-relationship music, and it came just in time for your first college breakup. What a perfect song to plot revenge against your douche of an ex.

    6. "Howlin' For You" - The Black Keys (2010)

    Ahhh.. the good old days, back when you lived in a dorm and you had to hide you liquor and "keep it down" after 10 PM...except when you were chilling with your cool new college friends drinking Pabst and listening to The Black Keys in their glorious off-campus apartment.

    7. "I Think Ur a Contra" - Vampire Weekend (2010)

    One of your favorite bands from freshman year that still earned you hipster street cred.

    8. "Somebody That I Used To Know" - Gotye (2011)

    There's not enough angst in the world to describe the feeling of driving around during the summer and no matter what damn radio station you turned to they were playing this song....and then you'd walk into Starbucks and they'd be playing this song...and then you'd go to a high school acquaintance's bon fire... and guess the fuck what? They'd be playing this song.

    9. "Midnight City" - M83 (2011)

    The quintessential walking down the street on your way to a bar song... something about it makes the colors of a night-lit city shine a little brighter.

    10. "Video Games" - Lana Del Rey (2011)

    Lana Del Rey...the high priestess of all things glamorous and deviant. Your inspiration for those nights you knew you were gonna have to at least pretend to be a bougie and valuable member of society if you wanted to get into (insert any pretentious club name here), when all you really wanted to do was roll on your sofa and watch Family Guy.

    11. "Holocene" - Bon Iver (2011)

    Chances are the majority of the times you listened to this song it was probably raining and you probably skipped class.

    12. "I Follow Rivers" - Lykke Li (2011)

    The original version of this song was good, but the Magician's remix was STELLAR and was probably on every good party playlist.

    13. "Big Jet Plane" - Angus and Julia Stone (2011)

    Another rainy day...another song you probably chilled to after ditching your Psych lecture.

    14. "Niggas in Paris" - Jay Z and Kanye West (2011)

    If you, by some magical twist of fate happened to be studying abroad in Paris when this song came out... well lucky you... for the rest of us; we just played pretend.

    15. "Diamonds" - Rihanna (2012)

    As much as we pretend to be mad at Rihanna for what our gender studies professor insists is not the reappropriation of hyper sexuality, but rather the objectification of women by women...let's face it she's hot, and this song was just so catchy.

    16. "Latch" - Disclosure ft. Sam Smith (2012)

    You know when you're in the club and you're like, "I'm sooo tired, I'm definitely going home soon," and then one of those songs comes on and you end up staying for another hour and the rest of the night becomes a blur? Well, this is that song.

    17. "Swimming Pools (Drank)" - Kendrick Lamar (2012)

    I think it's safe to assume that I'm not the only one out there that only knows one lyric to this song... and it's "DRANK".

    18. "Losing You" - Solange (2012)

    Infectious and quirky, kind of like that girl who used to live in the same floor of your residence hall freshman year, that you used to see around, but don't run into all that much now.

    19. "Same Love" - Macklemore (2012)

    Back when Macklemore was still cool and so much of the Gay Rights issues were at the forefront of our minds, this lovely song was the beautiful reminder that you should not only love yourself, but also love who you want.

    20. "Blood on the Leaves" - Kanye West (2013)

    As masturbatory as Yeezus was, the "Strange Fruit" sample used in this song was awesome. Summer nights spent bar hopping before senior year and the soundscapes of the humble Kanye West spilling out of from everywhere; life was good.

    21. "Recover" - CHVRCHES (2013)

    Remember that rave you went to junior year out in Siberia (aka Brooklyn) where you may or may not have "accidentally" taken advantage of an unknown controlled substance? Well, chances are this song was playing at some point during that night.

    22. "Get Lucky" - Daft Punk (2013)

    If at any point during your college career you worked in retail, you know this lovely tune soon became the bane of your existence as it was probably playing 100 percent of the time. But it's a great party song, none the less.

    23. "Royals" - Lorde (2013)

    I know we were all a little sketched out by the fact that Lorde was 16 going on 66, but you all know you enjoyed many a rooftop party to this song.

    24. "Breezeblocks" - alt-J

    The four boys from Britain who made art-rock so cool and recognizable that chatting about that one time you saw them at Terminal 5 with the bar babe could actually get you laid...maybe...

    25. "Feels Like We Only Go Backwards" - Tame Impala

    We kept this lucky number out of chronological order as it will surely be the perfect representative of the next year of your lives. Unfortunately, we can't go backwards, or else we'd all stay in college forever.


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